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A class with identifier http://staging4.data.posccaesar.org/iso/15926-4/rdl/Class

MetadataThis section provides information about 'Class'.

DefinitionA <Class> is a <Thing> that is an understanding of the nature of things and that divides things into those which are members of the class and those which are not according to one or more criteria. The identity of a Class is ultimately defined by its members. No two classes have the same membership. However, a distinction must be made between a Class having members, and those members being known, so within an information system the members recorded may change over time, even though the true membership does not change
ISO number10636
NoteThis class is defined in ISO 15926-2:2003
RDS numberClass
SourceISO 15926-2
ISO 15926-2 Entity Type

AlignmentThis section lists the most specific P2-superclasses of 'Class' together with an alignment with corresponding classes in P14, if available.

Classnot aligned

ContextThis section provides super- and subclasses of 'Class'.