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A class with identifier http://staging4.data.posccaesar.org/iso/15926-4/rdl/RDS222367

MetadataThis section provides information about 'RDS222367'.

DefinitionA <CONFINED SPACE> is an <ENCLOSED SPACE> or partially enclosed space that: # is not primarily designed or intended for human occupancy; # has a restricted entrance or exit by way of location, size or means; # can represent a risk for the for the health and safety of anyone who enters, due to one or more of the following factors: * its design, construction, location or atmosphere; * the materials or substances in it; * work activities being carried out in it, or the mechanical, process and safety hazards present. Confined spaces can be below or above ground. Confined spaces can be found in almost any workplace. A confined space, despite its name, is not necessarily small. Examples of confined spaces include silos, vats, hoppers, utility vaults, tanks, sewers, pipes, access shafts, truck or rail tank cars, aircraft wings, boilers, manholes, manure pits and storage bins. Ditches and trenches may also be a confined space when access or egress is limited
ISO number11542
RDS numberRDS222367
SourceMulti-subject Area

AlignmentThis section lists the most specific P2-superclasses of 'RDS222367' together with an alignment with corresponding classes in P14, if available.

ContextThis section provides super- and subclasses of 'RDS222367'.