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A class with identifier http://staging4.data.posccaesar.org/iso/15926-4/rdl/RDS5770462

MetadataThis section provides information about 'RDS5770462'.

DefinitionAn <CONDUCTIVITY CELL> is an <INSTRUMENTATION ITEM> and a <CONDUCTIVITY MEASURING ELEMENT> that is, when it has a Cell Constant K = 1.0, formed by two 1 cm^2 surfaces spaced 1 cm apart. Cells of different physical configuration are characterized by their own cell constant. This cell constant is a function of the electrode areas, the distance between the electrodes and the electrical field pattern between the electrodes
ISO number4282
RDS numberRDS5770462

AlignmentThis section lists the most specific P2-superclasses of 'RDS5770462' together with an alignment with corresponding classes in P14, if available.

ContextThis section provides super- and subclasses of 'RDS5770462'.