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A class with identifier http://staging4.data.posccaesar.org/iso/15926-4/rdl/RDS812609

MetadataThis section provides information about 'RDS812609'.

DefinitionA <BUCKET PUMP> is a <ROTARY PUMP> that is mainly used in drilled wells. It consists of a windlass over a 125 mm PVC tube, down which a narrow bucket with a valve in the base is lowered into the water on a chain. When the bucket hits the water, the valve opens and the water flows in. When the bucket is raised, the valve closes and the water is retained in the bucket
ISO number7394
RDS numberRDS812609
SourceRotating Equipment

AlignmentThis section lists the most specific P2-superclasses of 'RDS812609' together with an alignment with corresponding classes in P14, if available.

ContextThis section provides super- and subclasses of 'RDS812609'.